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                                                       This is part of the Media Kit for seminars
                                    Speaking on Peak Performance for Keynotes, Seminar, and Workshops

                                    A TWIN TEAM BIOGRAPHY
                                                             by Ingrid Qua
'Their amazing life experiences make them a different kind of a breed.  The identical twins were raised in the Austrian Alps, educated at the famous art academy in Florence, Italy, worked on ships cruising from Ethiopia to Kuwait and from France to Canada, modeled for high fashion houses in eight countries, became award winning  entrepreneurs in Mexico City, enjoyed success for the time of 15 years (operating their chain of boutiques and manufacturing their prestigious designs) and they also owned the largest personal development school in Latin America.

Dr. Barbara starred in 24 feature    films and co-starred in ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘I Spy’. Angelika was filmed in eighteen underwater documentaries; some of them award winning movies shown on National Geographic. From being seen on hundreds of TV commercials to running the Sahara Desert Self-Sufficient Footrace, from rafting 2000 miles in the Sea of Cortez to traversing 350 miles of desolate wilderness in Alaska, from winning world records in ultra-distance athletics to sharing in the life of the rich and famous as well as living with the poorest Indians in the jungle and appearing on Regis and Kathy Lee and Good Morning America, Dr. Barbara and Angelika have done it all.  In their tireless quest they have extracted priceless life enhancing lessons about peak performance and these have become the precious pearls that they share with their public.

The courageous sisters have left their footprints in over 60 countries. Speaking four languages, they have always been able to help people reach their very best. They have conquered the impossible and triumphed over unspeakable adversities. As role models for a new era they convince their audience to break through their personal barriers and to stretch their physical, mental and emotional capacities. With their strong character building systems and vivid mental performance programs they bring new perspectives to employees and front line people of all ages and cultures.

The methods used in all of their seminars have been tested in the most extreme distance sports in the world and passed with flying colors.

But their best performances are always reserved for the people they want to inspire. Reaching their audiences and touching the champion within their hearts has become their passion, their mission and their plea.


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