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Death Valley

  56-year-old Angelika Castaneda (Drake) sets the record
in the most extreme running event in the world: 

 The famous race, Badwater 137 Miles, starts 280 feet under the see level in Death Valley, and finishes at the Portals of Mount Whitney at 8000 feet.
In ten years no woman has run under 37 hours, but Angelika finally pushed through the impossible, running 36 hours and 56 minutes.

She only closed her eyes for 5 minutes, otherwise she did not sleep for 36 hours. Tremendous hallucinations haunted her for many miles, a sandstorm rammed into her face on, a flaming sun radiated 120 degrees of blistering heat unto her exhausting body and many other obstacles tried to impair her capacities.
Angelika overcame all adversities with the bravery of a hero.
 “Age is only a number” she declares with certainty.
Her courage, discipline, strength and faith make her a role model of modern times.

Angelika is also the expedition leader for the upcoming Women’s’ World Expedition. Ten endurance athletes will circumnavigate the planet in 80 days, non-stop, utilizing 8 different kinds of sports. In addition, Angelika and her identical twin, perform as dynamic motivational speakers teaching their public “How To Go Beyond Their Own Possible”.



Identical Twin Sisters Compete Cycling Across America,
3000 Miles In 11 Days

Angelika and Barbara, 58 years old, will be part of the famous cycling event RACE ACROSS AMERICA, June 17th. Since 1982 the RAAM has brought together the best endurance cyclists to compete in the world’s toughest race. Competing in RAAM is more than a cycling event. The physical extremes will test the limits of any rider. The logistics and planning will challenge the sanity of the support team. Everyone involved will remember the imminent emotional highs and lows.

RAAM moves 14 Miles per hour across America through countless towns and cities. Outside Magazine has called this competition world’s toughest sporting event. Angelika and Barbara are the first women of their age to undertake this epic challenge. Unlike the Tour De France, where riders rest every night after the day’s stage, cycling RAAM is virtually a non-stop from Portland to Pensacola, Florida.
The ultra-distance athletes will face blistering heat, bone-chilling cold, wind, rain, steep passes, sleep depravation, and fatigue. They pedal an average of 250 to 300 miles every 24 hours.

 Any individual or organization wanting to sponsor The Twin Team, should call 858-483-2122. The Twin Tem will be available to the media for photos and questions at prearranged times.

The sisters persist in setting an example of discipline, bravery, character strength, humbleness, and dignity. Their values and integrity makes them trailblazers and models for modern times. They know how to push through set limits and how to establish a new path for others to follow. For Angelika and Barbara there is no victory without a battle. They know ho to fight with their hearts of champions.

               Starting date: Sunday 7a.m .June 17th. The route:
Portland, Oregon to Gulf Breeze, Florida.



Sports Illustrated featured her as the ‘Terror Of Triathlon’

 The 6th World Championship Decathlon starts in Monterrey, Mexico, November 5th, 2000 at 12pm. Only one woman has ever attempted the extreme challenge. Angelika Castaneda, her senior by 20 years, not only aims to set a record but she also wants to proof that the “extreme” can be conquered at any age.

 24 of the toughest ultra-distance athletes from several countries have been carefully selected for this race. All competitors will be under the jurisdiction of the International Ultra Triathlon Association and contend in The World Circuit Classification of the year 2000. Each participant submits to a medical examine and lab tests to qualify. During the race a mandatory medical check-up will take place every 24 hours.

Angelika lives in San Diego with her two sons. She is organizing a Women’s World Expedition, a race in Costa Rica, and she actualizes several other international projects.

She has set many records and three world records. Angelika performs best under extreme circumstances while reaching extreme distances. Her life is filled with seven different sports and travel. Her experiences in many expeditions and adventure competitions have provided her with a mind set to endure and win.

Angelika has the heart of champion. Modern society is eager to look for models like her.





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