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Meet The Twin Team


From a bench on the mountain peak at the back of their farm home, the little twin girls dreamed about the big world behind the horizon. Their daring imaginations of fame and admiration eventually would become as real as the towering cliffs that surrounded them. Angelika and Barbara, born in St. Johann in Tyrol, a village in the Austrian Alps, left their beloved family and surroundings by the age of eighteen. Their life was marked with exceptional curiosity, creativity, and ambition. The sisters never paused to seek risks; they experienced extreme adventures and tough challenges all the years of their lives.

Leaving Home
Their journey, a quest for excellence, led them first to Florence Italy, were they completed their studies at the Academy Of Arts. Some of their art pieces were bought by the museum of Innsbruck, and many private individuals purchased their works from galleries in Florence.

A restless impulse for traveling moved them toward employment on a Transatlantic Ship, and later on a Mercantile Vessel, giving them the opportunity to visit many exotic countries. Without financial recourses and without the knowledge of the Spanish language they dared to make Mexico City their new destination.

Success On Distant Shores
The time was ripe to conquer Mexico by storm. Angelika and Barbara turned into top fashion models, charging wages never heard of before at that time. Photography, TV commercials, and artistic performances took them to eight different countries, many times working for the most famous fashion designers in the industry. Lonka Becker a well-respected film agent soon discovered Barbara. 25 feature films with starring rolls followed and two well-known American TV series, “Mission Impossible” and “I Spy”. While Barbara traveled six month out of the year filming in many locations, Angelika became a renowned choreographer by creating the most extravagant fashion show in Mexico’s history.
It did not take long when the twins opened up their own fashion house with their personal designs of clothing, expanding to several other cities in the country. Managing their employees, their stores, and their clientele became successful a challenge all by itself.

Still reaching for more accomplishments they opened a model-and personal development school that soon would become the largest establishment of it’s kind in Middle-and South America. Their next business, a model agency, represented all the models and artists for every major advertising agency. Angelika and Barbara’s life evolved between the rich and famous, appearing at parties in Acapulco, New York, and Los Angeles as regulars. Speaking four languages fluently, and having traveled to over sixty countries made the shy backward teenagers from the Alps behave in ways unknown even to their old friends and family. Wherever they went their personalities were noticeable because of their striking looks and for being the exact copy, one from the other.

 Searching Serenity
Buried deep inside of the two sisters were still the little “Heidi’s” from the Alps. The extreme unnatural lifestyle took a grip on their souls. Neurotic, unsatisfied, and involved in drugs their life had to take a turn for their survival. 

Angelika welcomed Ramon Bravo as the best friend into her life.  He earned his fame through his own TV series of adventures and as an author of many books. She pursued a new passion. Ramon took Angelika as his brave performer to the greatest places on earth filming his underwater documentaries, always portraying Angelika in dangerous situations. There was no other woman available to dive 100 meters, to swim with 40 hammer sharks, and to be almost drowned by see kelp. Two of them turned out to be award-wining films. In one of the adventures, Angelika is recorded for the big screen in a little raft voyaging 2000 miles around Baja California.

Barbara could not bear her life either. One day after one of her movies was presented to the public on TV, she was invited to comment about her experience of filming. Instead of narrating her account she looked straight into the camera to say her good buy forever.

Barbara married Armando Alvarez whose uncle was the countries president at the time. They both had two girls but Barbara also raised his five small children from his precious marriage. Angelika was married for 6 years and has two boys. Barbara remarried Tom Warren, well known as the original Ironman Triathlon winner and a world-class athlete himself.

After a devaluation of the countries currency the sisters were left with only 20% of all their saving and their hard work of 15 years. Mexico city’s population grew from 10-to 20 million. It was time to leave the country, change their stage name and leave everything behind. They assigned a power of attorney to their business manager who very soon seized all they had as his own property without honoring any of the agreements.  Angelika and Barbara let go of fame, money, businesses, and admirers and then they looked never back again.

 Barbara first moved to Texas were she earned her doctorate in Psychology.  She opened her private practice, and thought motivational and psychological seminars. Her acting talents were resourcefully transferred to public speaking.

 A New Beginning
For the first time in their lives the twins were separated for 4 years until both met up to live close to each other in San Diego California. Now they reached 42 years of age and it was time to unshackle their new passion. With new names, short blond hair instead of their long dark curls they immersed themselves into exercise at first, soon turning into competitive athletes.  Away from all their publics expectations in Mexico City they felt honestly themselves again. The little “Heidi’s” from the Alps peaked out of their souls once more. Their lungs were severely damaged at the altitude of 2000 meters in Mexico City the metropolis most polluted in the world. In spite of continuo asthma attacks Angelika and Barbara learned to cope with their adversity and progressed to one of the greatest ultra-distance sport athletes in the world. There many records and several world records attest to their bravery.

 Professional Proceedings
To finance their passion Angelika works as an international project manager and as an organizer for sports events and expeditions.  Barbara still works in her private practice helping people to succeed and both sisters impart seminars to closed groups and open to the public.

Their latest undertaking is challenging themselves as authors. Three successful books have been published and can be ordered at: 1858-483-2122

           Achieving excellence as a procrastinator

           Reach personal greatness like in this true life-story
           based on two guidingprinciples

     Six phases of awareness exercises to reach your objectives

     A WORKBOOK:  Awareness exercises.

 Record Setting Events
Angelika tired of races that are repeated yearly has chosen to organize her own extreme adventures. One of them is named the "Women's World Expedition", www.TwinTeam.com, were both sisters take five athletes non-stop around the world in 60, actualizing eight different sports. Another project is an adventure race in the jungles and ruff waters of Costa Rica. One of her greatest challenge was:


called “The Catalina Twin Quadrathlon”. Angelika cycled from San Diego to San Pedro, 110 miles, swam the Catalina Channel 23 miles, ran around the Island 50 miles, kayaked back from Catalina Island 23 miles, and then cycled back to San Diego 110 miles.

Total 320 miles continuous swim, run, kayak and bike. She slept 4 hours and accomplished the event in 59 hours.

Both sisters set a record in the Race Across America in 2001, cycling 3000 miles from Oregon to Florida.

 More Adventures On The Horizon

Never fearing hard work the sisters keep traveling, working, and training 25 hours or more, every week. Many more adventures are on their list, many mountains to be conquered, waters to be swam and kayaked, countries to be cycled, and stretches of glory to be run. As long as God grants them life they will glorify his name until the end. 

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 They stand out for:
They are skilled motivational speakers
They speak four languages
They get exposure. They have been published in hundred’s of magazines and newspapers.
They have a feature article in Sports Illustrated, The Los Angeles Times, Elle, they appeared on Regis and Kathy Lee and Good Morning America.
They have gone far beyond the possible, physically and mentally


  • Eight authors have written about them.

  • They are professionals [Ph.D. BA. MA.], and entrepreneurs.

  • They are identical twins.

  • They are record winning athletes.

  • They are seminar leaders.

  • They are published authors.


 Take a ride to success with the Twin Team

“The world we belong to has taught us to reach deep within to respond to challenges, and we are blessed to teach others how to convert adversities into opportunities”


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