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Los Angeles Times: feature article, Janett Avent. I don’t think you realize how amazing you are!
The Learning Annex: Excellent charismatic teacher; caring, realistic, thorough
Marathon Asset Management Co., Inc.: Thank you for the exciting talk, we hope you can address us again!

The Twin Team Co. and Winning In Life Consultations And Seminars

About The Speaker:
Dr. Barbara has traveled extensively to over 60 countries, she speak four languages and has helped people become winners in life wherever she has set foot. Appearing on Regis and Kathy Lee, Good Morning America, and having been featured in hundreds of magazines accentuates only her authority in the field of high performance. Dr. Barbara knows that people can

Barbara Warren, Ph.D. expert in High Performance, has been featured in numerous profiles, including Sports Illustrated and Elle.
What Dr. Warren knows best is how to inspire her audiences with amazing stories from the extremes of ultra-distance sports and from her 15 years of award winning entrepreneurial achievements in Mexico City.
But her real success story is imbedded in the minds of thousands of their students who have reached their own peak performances by following the guidance and example set by her exceptional accomplishments.
Her programs are targeted towards employees and front line people alike.

• Eight fundamental attributes that exceptional people posses.

• Who the modern role models and heroes are, and how they contribute to business and society at large.

• Detailed winning values that point directly towards performance, actions and new endeavors to their industry, business, and social life.

• How exceptional people are created, how they are shaped, bent, twisted and polished, until their character becomes a gift to their company and the world around them.

• How to develop a strong character using two essential building blocks.

• Two behavioral treasures that determine the future of individuals and their quality of life.

• Four crucial coping tools that contribute to enjoying a remarkable business and personal life in the modern world
• The ultimate new power thinking that endorses ambition, passion, and courage.

• How to become a high impact person and a superstar in a world crowded with mass production.

• How to take high performance actions as an employee, manager, CEO or athlete, and embrace with passion the exceptional.


List of Seminars

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