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What people are saying:

Thank you for your participation in a very successful Vienna University, it could not have happened without you, Martha Lilly, Education Project Manager
Young Presidents Organization

Thank you for a very stimulating talk and we hope that you can address us again.
Michael Lewis, Speakers Committee
Marathon Asset Management Co. Inc.

Your inspiration, motivation and real ideas about breaking through our self-imposed limitations was fantastic. People like you shatter stereotypes and help us aspire new levels of high performance.
Foundation For Education, Michael Coleman
The Inside Edge

I donít think you realize how amazing you are. We wish you continued success. Janet Avent, Feature Article
Los Angeles Times

What powerful lessons for all of us. It is a reminder for setting goals and accomplishing them through exceptional problem solving abilities.
Don MC Collom, Entrpeuneur 

Thank you for sharing the tremendous lessons. I am finding your materials to be powerfully useful. I am applying your wisdom to the workings of my world as fast as I can. Professor Athenaeum, La Jolla CA.
Marty Davis, Visual Artist

We would listen to her forever, please bring her back. Annual Conference.
Connecting for Success

From the workshop evaluation everyone learned a lot. Everyone said it was excellent and many expressed that they wished we allowed more time. We all hope to hear you soon again.
A. Londer,  X Staff Committee.
Grader Co.

Thank you for the support of female role models like you. More women will learn that high performance counteracts addictions.
Bob Doyle, Director of Public Relations
American Lung Association

I heard nothing but positive response following your address and felt that you set you set the stage for many of us to reach outside our comfort zone.
Peg Eddy
Creative Capital Management Inc.

You and your story inspired each of us. Pushing the limits allows us to
appreciate life.
Claudia Laird
Nat.  Ass. Of Women Business Owners

Excellent charismatic speaker, caring, realistic and thorough.
The Learning Annex

This was a tremendous seminars. Your sincerity and empathy came across with every word spoken, most of all the public felt connected,
thank you for sharing your gift. 
Richard Townsend Manager           
Intrisent Intrnational

We so much enjoyed your presentation at the NAWBO luncheon; it helped us all greatly with important issues about a life with high performance.
Elisabeth Brown, Event Manager
The Brown and Bostwick Group

Your work truly shines in comparison. Your presentation was excellent, but more importantly you have something unique to say that effects the everyday life.        Sue Ivoy


Partial Client List

World Wide Jewish Society, Mexico City

University Of Taumalipas, Mexico


University Of Tampico. Mexico

Enterprises For Executives, California

Ilsa, Steel Company, Puebla, Mexico

Genetronics Inc., Biomedical Ltd

Banco Del Commercio, Mexico City

The City Of San Diego, Risk Management Dept.

Community Colleges of San Diego

Public Accountant Convention, San Diego

Guadalajara Chamber Of Commerce, Mexico

Connecting For Success, San Diego Schools

Montessori Schools, Brownsville, Texas

The Inside Edge, Foundation for Education

Creative Capital Management Inc.

San Diego City Schools, GATE

Marathon Asset Management Co., Inc.


Barbara Warren, Ph.D.
San Diego, California
Consultant, Author, Speaker
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