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The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has personally endorsed Angelika’s adventurous spirit: “...I think it’s a wonderful idea. Enthusing the younger generations of such adventure, determination and endurance is to be welcomed and lauded.”

Prince Héréditaire Albert De Monaco

“The enthusiastic Prince endorses Angelika’s ideas and adventures. His Highness thinks this expedition (Angelika’s adventure) is a fascinating experience."

Sunnivah  Sorby
First Women’s Expedition to the South Pole

“I often refer to the words courage, perseverance, spirit, risk, success and strength -- the kind of strength that transcends what most of the human race understands strength to be. One person comes to mind when I want a visual example of someone who possesses these qualities. Angelika epitomizes that person. Her character reminds us of what every human should know and understand: ‘That no horizon, no matter how high or how far, is so far that you cannot go above it or beyond it.’ (Beryl Markham.) Angelika has greatly influenced my thinking and is such a valuable source of inspiration for young girls and boys and men and women of all ages and abilities. I am continually amazed by how far she pushes the marker for what we think is possible. Just when 'we’, the rest of the world, think the limit of human potential has been achieved, she exercises her creative tenacity and makes yet another bold move in the world of exploration and adventure. What an incredible women she is. I am proud to know her and proud to call her a friend.”

Bill Bishop, Entrepreneur

“Thank God you don’t listen to nay-sayers or you wouldn’t be the brave champion that you are. You are a winner simply because you march to your own drummer. I have told the whole world about your amazing one-of-a-kind victories. I let them know that you were able to do it purely because you are Angelika. You are the most courageous human I know.”

Jerry Rosen, Author

“About Angelika: A mythical explorer, someone a girl brags about to her mother. The outdoors is her indoors. Angelika smiles a friendly smile, her reassuring glacial blue eyes, which have seen a thousand ranges of unforgiving mountains, acknowledge you and tell you, you can do it. The laurels of God emblazoned upon her hair shine like her many medals. She wants others to succeed as much as she herself wants to win.”

Amber L. Vierling, Attorney, Ultra-Distance Athlete

“Angelika is a physical fitness miracle, able to leap over mountain ranges, swim across ocean channels and soar where few attempt to travel. Angelika glides across pavement and pools but more adventurously, she finds her way through desert’s outback, mountain crossings and jungle chaos. She breaks world records and is not only a remarkable role model, but also a model of beauty, a spiritually significant leader and a dynamic friend who has had a highly successful life.

‘The direct line of your vision will create the future. You are our leader; you are all that moves with graceful powers.’ Angelika has influenced my life like no other to be what one wants to be. To do what one wants to do. To feel what one wants to feel.”

Gary Alexander, 10th Dan Chairman International
Association of Martial Arts

“These are awesome feats worthy of ‘Immortal’ status. Once again, I cheer you as you complete your missions on top! You have exceeded all boundaries of endurance and accomplishments. The rest of my life, I will have to be satisfied with associating with ’mere‘mortals.”

Larry Pustinger
Mentor, Ultra-Distance Athlete

“Nothing can capture the magnitude of her great strength and courage throughout the many exciting years I have known, admired and loved this amazing mother, woman and athlete.”

Ina Schmilovich,  Ph.D. Psychologist

“Angelika, a superb extreme athlete, a person who managed to break the glass ceiling through her dedication, endurance and spirituality; making the impossible possible, bringing the unreachable closer and inspiring everyone around her. A woman of great accomplishments and dedication!”

Chris Kostman
Race Director, Death Valley Ultra Marathon

“Throughout the dozen years that I’ve known Angelika, she’s consistently proven to be a driven competitor, champion promoter of endurance sports and breathe of fresh air and good humor. Her tenacity and aptitude as an athlete are exceeded only by her compassion and desire to help others who race beside her, or those who follow in her wake. It’s been a great gift to have competed with her as a fellow athlete and also to have her toe the starting line, and finish line, of the events which I have produced.”  



Seminar Testimonials

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